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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


For bike lovers bike is everything for them, more than anything else. But everything has a demerit. The bike also has this problem. Apart from damaging of bike part, the biggest problem with the bike is its stability, not only for learners for also with every rider. During riding the biker have to balance bike through his own weight or by controlling the handle movement etc. for bike stability so that the bike won’t fall. This condition applies for high speed but in very low speed or during stable state the biker uses own leg to balance bike to fall. 

By Zigmars l (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Ever thought about a bike which will never fall even if there is no rider sitting on the bike & no kickstand is there. The bike will balance itself in low speed as well as in high speed. So here we will know about some technic for a self-balancing bike, that came out by science test & has some logical & practical value. Let’s start……

You must have seen in the circus & May somewhere else that someone controlling his bike or cycle on steady position & which they use say its magic. As an engineering freak, I can no doubt say that’s not a magic. Hay just shift their weight from one from one side to another side & also at the same time they control bike handle. This weight shifting movement is called gyroscopic effect. The total secret of this magic is based on gyroscopic effect, Front wheel handling & trail angle.

Trail angles

By Rishiyur1 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The trail angles are those angles at which the axis of the steering cuts the vertical axis of front wheel & touches the ground. If the point at which the steering axis touch the ground is ahead of the point at which the vertical axis of the wheel touches the ground then the angle is called (+ve)positive trail angle. And if the
Image credit-
 steering axis falls behind the vertical axis of the wheel then it is called (–ve)negative trail angle. Refers to the provided image for better understanding.This +ve & -ve trail angle plays a vital role in the stability of bike in high speed as well as in low speed.

    Imagine a bike which is stable means it is not moving to forward or backward, but it can fall either right or left side. IN this case, if the has +ve trail angle & the rider turns the handle in left side the bike will turn to a same left direction due to that trail angle.Now if in that situation the bike has –ve trail angle, the bike will turn towards right side instead of turning towards left side due to –ve trail angle. I know it’s a little bit confusing but if can wand you can always compare with KTM & Bajaj Street (Ktm has +ve & Bajaj street has trail angle).

Gyroscopic Effect

File:Gyroscope operation.gif
A gyroscope in operation. Note the freedom
of rotation in all three axes. The rotor will maintain
its spin axis direction regardless of
the orientation of the outer frame.
It is nothing but an effect of shifting weight or a turning force between two opposite side for stabilization. For this, a device is used name gyroscopic device. This device has a disk or wheel free to spin in alternative direction & also it is able to change the direction of rotation instantly at any time.
Now when the bike tilts its sensors sense the tilting & immediately informs to the device. The device spin rapidly in a direction opposite to the direction of tilting, creates an opposite force on the bike to oppose the tilting. This technic is used to provide stability in the navigation system, Automatic pilots & stabilizers etc. It is very simple to use this technic on a bike for their stability. Several concepts are also made for this technic.

Two wheel method

Now another method found by some researchers that if we use two smaller wheels instead of a large front wheel in such a manner that each small wheel matched with a counter-rotating disk to eliminate gyro effect. The steering axis will be at the back side of the bike like airport trolley’s which will give the bike a slightly –ve angle.

If this bike will run at a speed of 5mph or more, then it can be able to successfully control itself because during fall at first, the steering wheel tries to fall slightly in a direction opposite to fall. This will cause due to the center mass of the front wheel assembly is lower than the rear wheel assembly, which will forward the steering axis. But this concept has so many limitations like hard to handle as the steering axis is on the back side & also the minimum speed range is 5-7mph.A demo bike has been made on this concept but never came in reality.

Well, those 3 are the methods for a self-balancing bike.The Hondas self-balancing bike is based on the first technic & Honda also added some more feature on their bike.If you are interested to know about Hondas self-balancing bike then please click here HONDA SELF BALANCING BIKE.



  1. I think the bike is great. but the way this article was written is not.

    1. I am glad you visited, read & comment. Sorry for the mistake . It was my 3rd post . I was learning at that time. This article only explains the ways how a self balancing bike can be stabled without falling, not how the balancing bikes works.I agree that this article is mis-organised a little bit . I will try my best to make my further article short , sweet , well organised , informative .Please see our other articles ....... TECHIENGINEER

  2. Wow... self balancing bike seems like rocket science but it's actually simple physics. Good sharing

  3. Wow so much science! It’s cool to have a self balancing bike though! Would love to try it out. And yes I remember calling them magic back then 🙈

  4. A 'magical bike' that is hehehe. I wonder how much it costs.

  5. Very technical i would say but , wow a self balancing bike sounds awesome but unsafe.

    1. Hi RINA , thanks for your comment .I understand your point about unsafe . But technically it will be more safe that current bike theft proof , no slip on mud & water surface . This bike will not totally control the bike but it will guide the rider to control more effectively .

  6. I didn't understand much about what was written as it was very technical...but dang it..I am sold at the thought of having a self-balancing bike! BTW..I can't ride a bike because i just can't balance myself...

  7. I don't think I know how to cycle anymore since it has been decades since I rode a bike. I desperately need a self-balancing bike! This is the first time I heard about this technology. So exited to know and maybe get a bike for myself!


  8. Wow I think the bike is great. But i gemok takut tak balance. Hi..hi..hi..

  9. Interesting new bike model. I love biking its a good exercise. Thumbs up for this new design.

  10. This is so interesting! i just can't get how people come up with these ideas!!

  11. Certainly an interesting share and the new bike model looks good. The technology seems so advanced as well.


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