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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Future Of Transportation System

Hi friends, its BISWANATH BAI here with a new topic on "future concept of transportation system ". You all know what transportation system is. Whenever we travel to somewhere is, either we go on a ride or we shift from one place to another place, there is always a transportation system in work that may be bus, train, bike, car or airplane. The transportation system is the biggest system of the world because it is everywhere, used in everyday by everyone either knowingly or unknowingly.

The transportation system has been updated a lot from using animals like horse, came, donkeys to an updated system like trains, bus, airplanes &b may be the spaceship to Mars in near feature. With the increase in population, there are millions & billions of or more vehicles are on the road. It causes all types of problem like traffic pollution & using non-renewable energy etc.

The concept of future transportation system will not avoid only traffic, pollution & use of energy resources etc., but also to save time by achieving fastest speed, automatic drive system, developing a flying system for easier transportation. So in this article, I will write some concept of feature transportation system which will change the way of transportation. Some of them are already started or will start in near feature. Let’s start……..


The concept of the flying car is no more remain a concept. It’s a very cool concept. It does not matter either you stuck in traffic or want to go fast or fly fast with your car, you can just fly this car by your own on-air & you can go wherever you want directly from your home or traffic area. This car has its wings on both the side (right & left) & designed very technically so that the wings can just fold or unfold itself as per need. The design of this car is a mixture of Aeroplane & car, a little bit long but capable of flying like a Flying Machine.
By Terrafugia_--_2012_NYIAS_cropped.png: *Terrafugia_--_2012_NYIAS.JPG: IFCAR  derivative work: MarkWarren   derivative work: MarkWarren [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The car has already been tasted on ground & air too. This flying car is developed by Stelan Klein, is capable of running a top speed 120mph in air & 100mph of the ground. To fly this car needs a runway or an open an open space is enough.The flying starts by unfolding 27feet wings & shift power from rear wheel to rear-mounted propeller shaft & to trail rotor. This car is not announced as a public transport yet if permitted it may take advantages of lightweight aircraft.


This drone flying taxies are being popular nowadays, whether taking selfies, video shooting, delivery parcels, & to use to as a taxi. The main benefit of the drone is “it uses VTOL facilities “. VTOL stands for vertical take-off & landing. If we use the drone as a taxi then it will be able to pick up costumes directly from their home or building & can drop exactly where they want to go.
By Robclapp (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many companies are working on this project. UBER has already a plan to test this technology in Dubai by 2020. Not only Dubai but also a Germany start-up company Volocaptor is working on this concept and most probably to test at the end of this year.

If you have not know how Aeroplane Fly, you must read by clicking 



Ever heard a name "Elon Mask ".He is the man behind the underground tunnel. His concept is to travel inside of a low-pressure tube, also called as a vacuum tube which will be the safest & fastest way to travel as compared to normal roads.
By RichMacf (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This idea is coming into reality by his crowd-funded started company The Boring Company, and tunnel digging company. This company is building underground tubes with electric sleds which can shift vehicle by lifting the vehicle or people.

The company already started boring in Los Angeles & plans to continue digging.

Image credit-

This is a start-up company founded by googles co-founder Larry Page. Well, this Kitty Hawks Flyer is totally a new concept. The concept is to fly on the water with an electric-aircraft. According to the company, they say this machine is very easy to learn & fly.The design looks like a bike having wings. Although it has a limit to fly on water only they will update it later to fly on land as well as on water. This is like a hoverboard flying on water.


This is not a new idea but has very much chance to be popular in future. This is like a flying "sketting board". It is very much similar to a drone, but here man stands or seat either upper or same layer to the blade level. Several trials have been done on this concept. But the biggest problem is stability & control. This concept falls in short range transportation vehicles.

There is also another concept of feature transportation system. But I have already written on that so you can click on SELF BALANCING BIKE to read that. Well, those are the future concept of transportation. I hope you like it. Let me know by commenting in the comment box …….

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