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Monday, 9 October 2017

Square wheels

Hi friends, it Biswanath Bai with a new interesting yet crazy tech which is “SQUARE WHEELS”. In our transportation system, we generally use a circular wheel. But why we only use a circular wheel? Why we don’t use a Square Wheel? What will happen if we use a Square Wheel instead of a circular wheel? These things we will in this article, so let’s get started …...
By ell brown [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Why we use the circular wheel?

The magical reason using a circular wheel is its shape of course.It is shaped in such a way that its radius is same at every angle at center. This makes it circular & when it rolls on a flat surface its center goes on a straight horizontal line. That means comfort. During this running image, if some adjacent speed breakers will come, that horizontal line of comfort will be like an analog wave which indicates discomfort. This is the logic behind current vehicles except for flying machine & rockets.  

What is Square Wheel?

As the name explains square wheels are the wheels which have a square shape instead of having a circular shape & the wheel are connected with the forks at the center of the wheel. This type of wheels has variation in distance between the center point & border of the wheel. Several pieces of research have been done on this concept that we will discuss in this article later.

How to use Square wheels??

 The use if this crazy technology is actually very simple. Like a circular wheel, we can connect it with the fork at the center of the wheel through a bearing or the same mechanism used to connect circular wheels. Now to make it run just use the pedal. This will run but no doubt, it will demand more torque force. Now imagine a single wheel cycle uses a square wheel & running on a flat/normal road. Due to the variation in distance between the center & the border of the wheel, the cycle will travel on a path like an analog wave instead of a horizontal line like before. That means dos-comfort & more vibration.
Now imagine if that cycle is having 2 square wheels and both the wheel are touching the ground either at its flat surface or at the corner at the same time, this will have an effect like earlier condition. But if one wheel is touching the ground at the flat surface of the wheel & other one is touching the ground at the corner of the wheel, then the rider will feel a slope either going down as left-to-right or right-to-left.This should be taken care during assembly.

Now in order to have a good riding experience with the square wheel assembled cycle/bike, it is necessary to know the hidden logic behind the square wheel. Now imagine a square is rotating, if we look closer to the particular corner of the wheel we can see that for a full rotation that corner travels on a parabolic path from the point it leaves the ground to the point when it again touches the ground. This parabolic curves effect is the main reason why rider feels uncomfortable during riding.
By The original uploader was Danielkwalsh at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons
To make this ride smooth we need to make some modification on the road. If we can make the parabolically curved road instead of a flat road, that lead a better & smooth riding experience.

Well, this is not concept idea, this theory is already tested by some researchers.In fact, an inventor named “Jason Winkler” invented a square wheel vehicle in 2006. His aim was to make this system useful microscopic-sized machines.

Earlier from that in 1997, professor “Stan Wagon” developed a prototype of squared wheels cycle. That model was improved in 2004 as an original vehicle.

Later in 2012, myth baster tested it on a real car & explained how it affects or improves some factors. 
Those factors are ……….

How square wheels affects speed?

This factor is very badly affected by this square shape. The test shows more speed develop more vibration may able to break the vehicle. The vehicle is not likely to run at high speed.

How square wheels affects traction?

This thing is also affected by the squared shape. I would like to say it momentum rather that traction because it develops momentum at the corner of the wheel & center as a point of force applying.

How square wheels affects VIBRATION?

The square wheel creates heavy vibration like up& down more rapidly due to the shape.This can damage vehicle & leads to higher discomfort.

Although there are many other factors, those three are most affected factors. The concept works, but will never come in reality as a commercialized vehicle. This concept is crazy & interesting, and also the logic very informative.That’s why I wrote this. Let me know what do u think about this in comment box….


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