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Friday, 24 November 2017

Top 5 Dynamically Balanced Advance AI Robot

Robots are the mazer part of our future. There is 50-50 chance that robot may kill us or robot may heal us. The root manufactures says that robots are developed to help humankind, but there is also a chance that robot may kill us. Let’s neglecting those frictions and here are the Top 5 highly dynamically balanced most advanced robot. Let’s get started…..

Top 5 Dynamically Balanced Advance AI Robot


Sophia is a human-like robot which not only talks like a human but also smiles & gives facial expression like a human. This robot uses the most advance AT system similar to ELISA to answer the asked question. This root is developed by company Hanson Robotics. It responds to questions with facial expressions. Sophia is activated on April 19, 2015. The manufacturer David Hanson says that this root’s AI system can process visual data & facial recognition as well.  
Sophia Robot
   The program Eliza was the world’s first computer program to do human-like conversation on some predefined topics. Sophia also has the self-learn ability means Sophia learns from conversation use those data for further conversation. Recently South Arabia offered citizenship to Sophia with that Sophia becomes the world’s first robot to get citizenship. Sophia also has been interviewed many times by different interviewers.


  Asimo is another humanoid robot which can walk independently & also can climb stairs. This robot is made by Honda & takes 20years to build it. This robot can understand computer command gesture, voice command can recognize faces and voice also have the ability to sense ID cards. It has 34 degree of freedom which enables it to move like a human.
Asimo Root
By Vanillase (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
&By World Wide Gifts [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
  Asimo uses many sensors and specially designed programming algorithm to move to move its limbs according to the path & stairs to climb or walk before putting a step forward. Asimo root is 4.3feet in height and gives friendly appearance with non-threating size. This robot can be used in dangerous and hazardous place.


Spotmini robot
Image credit -Boston Dynamics
  Spotmini is small 4 leg robot like a dog, but it has a hand instead of a head. This robot is built on Boston Dynamics. This is the fastest robot ever built by Boston Dynamics. Spotmini is all electric & can go f 90minutes on a single charge.This robot weighs only 25-30kg. The head of this robot have 5degrees of freedom. The updated version of this robot is ‘Spot robot’.

 This robot is so
Spotmini robot
Image credit -Boston Dynamics
perfectly balanced that Spotmini can walk and run on any surfaces (mountain, uphill, mud etc.). And if we kick the robot, then the robot can balance itself and will not fall. Also if it falls for some reason, then it can again stand automatically without any assistant.


Atlas Robot
Image credit -Boston Dynamics
   This is another wonder of Boston Dynamics. This the most advance dynamically balanced robot for manipulation. It has arm and legs like a human but doesn’t have any head. Some of the parts of this robot can be 3D printed resulting lightweight and make manufacturing easy. The recent update enables Atlas to jump and Backflip like a fitness model. Atlas can pick weight from anywhere and place that so accurately at a particular place. Atlas can walk on any field, Climb stair, run & sit like a human.  Atlas represents almost every motion of human.

Bionic Ants

Image credit -Festo Corporate  

   Bionic Ants are smallest size robot inspired by Ants. This robot does not only look like ants but also represents the motion of ants. This robot is developed by company Festor Corporate. It has many features of ants like works as a member of the group, performing a task, coordinating with other robots etc. It has many sensors like 3D stereo camera, optical sensors, piezo-ceramic bending transducer, radio module etc.

Bionic Ants represents
Image credit -Festo Corporate
the nature of animals in the technology world by using computer control algorithms.For moving their legs this robot uses piezo technology. It has 6 legs which move like an ant and each leg can exactly deflect as forward-backward movements.

     So those are the Highly Dynamically Balanced Advance AI Robot.Let me know how do you like it in the comment box. Also if you find anything wrong then please comment or mail me. 

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