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Friday, 24 November 2017

Top 12 Features of Tesla Electric Cars

    Nowadays Electric cars are gathering so much noise in the Automobile industry. They are adding many useful features in traditional Fuel powered vehicles. Back in some years, the electric cars are used to look bulky, unsafe and low range cars which were not safe for use. But thanks to Tesla, now Electric cars can be used not only as a commercial vehicle but also they can be used as a supercar. Tesla just proved it in their latest car i.e. Tesla Roadster 2.0. So here id the Top 9 features of Tesla Electric cars. Let's get started….

Tesla Electric Cars
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Tesla Battery Pack
     Tesla battery pack is the safest battery pack.This was actually invented by Nicolai Tesla. You will be amazed to know that Tesla battery pack is consists of small carbon-polymer cell battery instead of a large battery. The problem with the big lithium-ion battery is that heats quickly, small range & unsafe. To solve this Nicolai Tesla invented that if we use small cell battery instead of a large battery effective cooling and speed recharging can be achieved.

    Tesla uses those cell batteries in a several series & parallel connections with an integrated cooling system to make a small battery pack. Many smaller battery packs are used to make a complete battery pack. Tesla cars use 17smaller battery pack in a full battery pack. Each small battery pack consists of 700 cell batteries. Tesla designed their vehicle in such a way that those batteries are situated in-between the front and rear wheels. This gives the lower center of gravity, thus causing more stability of the car especially in turning. This battery pack also act as a rigid member of the cars making the car more stronger. Recently Tesla achieved 1000km range on a single charge. Thus Tesla batteries are known for high range, low heat, and high safety feature.

Tesla Autopilot

    Tesla autopilot is another highly rated feature. This autopilot system enables the driver to drive a car without touching any pedal & steering. But don’t think this is a self-driving car. In this, the driver can only use this system for some minutes only. At the time, the driver has to manually operate the car.Otherwise, the car will stop and if the car yet doesn't get any signal the system will call the ambulance.
Tesla Electric Cars
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   After reading this You must be thinking that this tesla autopilot system is safe or not? Tesla assured that this Autopilot system is very safe to use on the road. Actually, the system learns in manual mode and synchronize it to the server so that every car can use the data for a safe autopilot driving.

Lower Center of Gravity

   Every Tesla cars have a lower center of gravity than other cars. This is because of Tesla cars battery pack design. Tesla uses the battery pack in-between the front & rear wheel in the lower part of the car. Due to that lower center of gravity achieved and it gives more stability and control over the cars in turning.

Huge Crumple Zone

   This is also another feature of the cars. The Tesla cars have more storage space than other cars. By using the motor instead of engines some part of fuel-powered cars can be eliminated and effective car design can be made. This is why Tesla cars have more storage space. The extra storage space is on the front part. This extra space also makes the car safer because this space can abserve some accidental damage. Tesla cars give almost double storage space.

Effective Traction Control

   Traction is most important for a car to move. But in oily surfaces traction is low. But Tesla cars have responsive traction control system . Tesla eliminated the complex mechanical mechanism and installed a quick, effective & responsive control system.

Accident Prevention System

   All Tesla cars are equipped with accident prevention system. This is done by using some sensor which can detect any object in path & can slow or stop the vehicle in order to av an id accident.

Super Charging

Tesla Electric Cars super charging

   Tesla cars also have supercharging facility without decreasing the battery life. Tesla is continuously decreasing the supercharging time so that the drive will not have to wait for a long time to recharge the battery. Recently Tesla announced Tesla semi-truck can be charger up to 80% in only 30minutes. That is quite enough time the driver takes rest after a long driving.

Running & Maintenance Cost

    This is the most attracting feature of the Tesla cars. Almost all electric cars have less running & maintenance cost than traditional cars. Running cost is low because it runs on electric battery means no needs to tension refueling & can be charged the in the home. This is quite un-effective in India because India produces 70% electricity from non-renewable resources. Also, Tesla cars have less maintenance cost best they use less mechanical parts & joints, less vibration, stronger layout etc.

Noise and Emission Free

    This is the most known feature of all-electric cars because of n burning of fuel.Also, electric cars have less noise due to induction motor & less vibration.

Regenerative Braking System

   Also, all Tesla cars have Regenerative braking system which can generate an electric current from breaking  & use that to recharge the battery. It adds extra miles in the battery range. This also increases efficiency as it eliminated the heat waste in breaking. The cars will never need s to change the brake pedal. If you don’t know about the regenerative braking system, then click here to know.

Bio-Weapon Defense Mode

     Tesla vehicles also Medical grade HEPA air filtration
System, Means the can remove 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria and other contaminants from the cabin air. This system creates positive pressure and safe air inside the cars chamber.

Adaptive Lighting System

Tesla Electric Cars adaptive lighting system
In turning not only the Tesla wheels turn but also the car lights also turns with the cars and creates perfectively visible safe road views. 

    So those are top 12 feature of the Tesla Electric cars. Also, there are other features but those are the most highlighted feature. Just let me know in a comment how to do you like the article & also if you know any other features. 

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