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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

How to produce more power from Engines

  Engines are the powerhouse of a vehicle whether it’s a car or a plane or even a rocket. Nowadays engine manufacturers are paying more attention from all sides to improve the engine technology so that more power can be developed. Except for the fuel variabilities, here are the 7ways to develop more power from an ic engine. Let's get started….

How to produce more power from Engines

       Increasing the Displacement

  This is the most common idea to make the engine more powerful. If you don’t know what is displacement then simply displacement is cc(cubic centimeter) which is internal space inside of an engine. More the engine cc, more the engine is powerful because it burns more fuel. By increasing the displacement means more fuel is burning thus bigger & better explosion pushing the piston to move means more power. This is why bigger and heavier vehicles & also the sports bikes or cars have more cc engines.

        Increasing the compression ratio

  Compression ratio is another fact. In high compression ratio, the air-fuel mixtures explode more efficiently thus producing more power. But the problem is in high compression ratio is air-fuel mixture Brust in flame before the spark plug ignites them, so pre-ignition becomes a bigger problem for this. By using high-octane gasoline this preignition can be solved. This the reason why high-performance vehicles use gasoline in high-octane numbers.

       Cooling the incoming air

  We all know that air expands when heated. When hot air enters into the engine, those airs are less likely to expand more because those airs are already expanded (a smaller amount) before the engine combustion chamber. Using a turbocharger or a supercharger increases the chance of hot air entering into the engine.To overcome this problem an Intercooler is used.

       Using turbocharger or supercharger

  Yes, using a turbocharger or a supercharger also increases efficiency and develops more power as pressurized air goes into the engine. This air is pressurized by reusing the exhaust gases. Also using an intercooler is necessary when using these devices.

       Making the engine lighter

  Also to increase the overall efficiency engine parts or vehicle parts must be lighter as heavier parts need more power to work. But also making the parts more lightweight disturbs the vehicle stability and may produce slip on tires. So overall vehicle weight must be light but up to a point.

      Easy flow intake of Air

  When air-fuel mixture enters into the engine there is a chance that the flow of air-fuel mixture gets restricted at intake port due to duet smaller passage. So the easy solution is using to intake ports instead if one so the mixture can flow easily. Ever heard about 4cylinder & 16-valve engine? That is provided for easy flow of air-fuel mixture to the engine.

     Easy flow of exhaust Air

  This is also necessary for the engine to properly out the engine exhaust gases because of these gases are not properly flowing out of the engine combustion chamber. If those exhaust gases are restricted, they can create a back pressure inside the engine and will eat off the engine power. The simple solution to this problem is providing 2 exhaust ports for each cylinder.

   So those are the 7ways to develop more power from an engine. Hope you like it …. So let me know what do you think about this article in the comment box.

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