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Friday, 1 December 2017

Space X Biography Story- How and Why SpaceX started

Throughout the edges, human civilization has always looked at the stars and wonder what’s out there. Over the century we have learned a deal about the space, but have had very little advancement in the ways of exploring it. As time progressed the power and capability of technology increased but space travel has largely left behind. At the end of the 20 century and entering 21-century space travel is still complicated, expensive and worst of all run totally rn by the government. Current space technology is waiting for the fresh ideas of scientist & physicists. One man has chosen to dream big and change this is Elon Musk and his dream is SPACE X.

Space-X-Biography-Story- How--Why-Spacex-started
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  Why and how did SpaceX gets started

  Space X or space exploration technology co-operation was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla Motors and co-founder of PayPal. The main goal of space x is to create technology to reduce space transportation cost and enable the colonization of Mars. In an interview, Elon mask said that "space x is trying to help in space exploring programs.He sees the feature as multi-planetary species and inspiring awesome feature. To achieve that the cost has to reduce, the current technology has to improve". He also added that space x will help to go mars as well as to Moon.

  Elon's vision is to create relatively inexpensive reusable rockets that could help travel cheaper similar to current commercial airlines that is you could send a rocket to the space with passengers or any payload which will re-enter & travel back on earth and be ready for next flight with hours . In early 2000, Elon musk approached members of Russian space program 3 time to gain acess to refabricated Russian rockets in order to start his pratical space dream . Unfortunately it doesnot work . But after this, he realised something that the rocket technology is still same like 19century . So to improve the technology that needed to be made in a fully new to way , in a better way. At that time no one believes in private space travel,  so he has do this alone and all from his pocket . He got the money from his investment in various companies. 

Space-X-Biography-Story- How--Why-Spacex-started
Image credit - Flicker
  In the end, he managed to reduce the cost building rockets by streamlining the process into an economically variable territory. About 80% of rockets part are made in-house by SpaceX themselves. Many engines parts are 3D printed and then assembled. But really what the big deal ?????    Firstly Elon's method is very cheaper. Traditionally  NASA launched anything into space from anywhere, it costs 100-260 million dollars. For the space x program, the Falcon 9 rocket costs about 57million dollars to make and they also can be easily reusable and burns about 200milion dollars of fuel.So pretty much after paying for the rocket, it will cost about few thousand instead of 200 million per lunch, which is almost half the price of just a regular lunch. This is like a quantum loop in cost savings. This is the reason why most people have excitement on SpaceX.

Space X Accomplishment

  •  In 2008 space x become the first privately funded liquid propelled rocket company to reach orbit .
  •  In 2010 there was the first privately funded company to sucessefuly lunch orbit and recover a space craft .
  •  In 2012 space x become the first private company to send a space craft to the international space station .
  •  In 2013 space x delivered a satelight marking the companys first satelight beyond the earths orbit . space has flown 6 missions to international space station .
  •  In 2015 dec , space x succefully returned a first stage booster rocket back to the ground . This is the very first accomplishment by such a orbit capable rocket . The accomplishment of this mission makes the major advancements in space travel and creates endless possibility . Space x achived this successes after failed 3 times .

  The main impotance of spacex is how Elon Musk takes the challenges and work on that . Actually you will be amazed to know that Elon musk has no degree on space technology . He gains the rocketery science all from the books only. 

Space X Long Term Goal

  1. Musk wants to reduce a cost of space travel up to 10times .
  2. Space x asked govertment to begain a project to make 4000 satelights which will provide high speed data services all around the globe even at remote areas .

  3. Space X also aiming to develop technology and resources for the colonisation of Mars. Musk promised to take humans to mars in 2024 . In attempted to this Space X has used its dragon space craft to make the uncrowed cargo run to the international space station . This proves that we are very close .

  4. The company starts to schedule to make the man drive space craft to take the human to mars . 

  5. Recentely SpaceX rises around 450million dollar to continue further improvement in space technology. 

  So that’s the story of tesla . Let me know in the comment box how do you like it or any thing I skipped about SpaceX

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